Eight Minutes To Earth

In 1991 Cousins Adam Benson and Jonathan Bryan started writing songs and making music for Eight Minutes to Earth. Within a short matter of time, Bryan Showalter joined them on bass and completed the ensemble.

In the early years they played in bad rock clubs like "Alcatraz", and "Bricktown Live" in South Oklahoma City, with occasional other small shows popping up here and there as their popularity grew. During this time they briefly took on a fourth member, Brian Logan, who sang on one EP and played a number of Alcatraz shows.

Eventually they got tired of opening for metal bands as the only alternative indie band on the ticket. They parted ways with Logan, and went back to their trio status. In late 1995 they began recording "Baking Soda", their first official album. It was first released in early 1996, and was launched at a release party at Kirby's 2 in Witchita Kansas.

Before long, Eight Minutes to Earth began touring up and down the midwest, playing the R.M.S. Music Conference in Saint Louis, Missouri to the Cathedral in Houston, Texas, and everywhere in between.

In the summer of 1997 they went back in to the studio to record their second album. It was during this time that Eight Minutes to Earth broke up. The album was recorded, but never completed. It may get released for the first time in the future.