The End of Day Marbles

The End of Day Marbles was a really special project for me. In many ways it marked a changing point in my life that, to this day, has bitter-sweet feelings.

After Eight Minutes to Earth broke up, Jonathan Bryant and his then-wife Jenna Moan had begun playing music together. I joined the group very early on, as Jonathan and I had been playing music for almost 10 years at that point. Shortly afterward we brought on Alaina Hall on the bass and completed the ensemble.

Jenna wrote most of the songs, and I wrote a few others. Jonathan wrote one of the songs, and as always closely collaborated with all of us on the rest.

The Marbles played a few shows around Oklahoma City, and recorded an album, but the album fell on tragedy.

We were recording the album on a new kind of technology, the Korg D-16 Digital Hard Disk Recorder. A multi-track recording system that wrote to a hard drive, instead of tapes, mini-discs, or ADATS. Everything went smoothly, and we managed to get a first mix on most of the songs. While we were wrapping up recording, someone tripped over a cord, jerked the recorder to the ground and trashed the hard drive. The album was lost, and only a few early mixes and rehearsal recordings were ever saved out.

The End of Day Marbles broke up shortly thereafter.