The Roswell Paradox: The Temporal Key

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Part 1

A crashed archaeologist from the very distant future and the ship’s engineer are the only survivors of a doomed expedition to investigate a paradoxical anomaly in the past.  Stranded in an ancient desert outside of Corona, NM, the pair find themselves confronted by an old Rancher who mistakes them and their crashed ship for aliens.

The rancher tells the Sherriff of Roswell of the wreckage on his land, and the Sherriff contacts the local Army Air Field, where two officers take a team back to the Rancher’s land, to collect the alien ship.

Fleeing the military, the two time travelers run off into the desert, following their ship to the far off military base.  After a long trek through the desert, they arrive to find their fallen crew mates are the subject of barbaric, primitive autopsies, and their ship is being ripped apart by engineers.

Running out of time, the temporal archaeologists must solve the riddle of the paradoxical anomaly and find their way home!

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