The Roswell Paradox: Iteration

Part 2

After getting stranded in an ancient desert, Dayk and Thalia have started preparing for a long life of hiding in the past. Thalia stumbles upon an idea while rebuilding a cloaking device that might change time travel forever, but the idea will be lost if they can’t get back to their own time. The conundrum gives Dayk a paradoxical idea and within a few nights an unexpected stranger shows up in their camp with a means to get Thalia home, while Dayk continues to try and solve the mystery of the anomalies that they encountered after their crash.

Two and a half million years in the future, Captain Nocta finds himself grappling with the paradox of transporting his own dead body back from the distant past, but Director Ca’aury of the Temporal Sciences Center has other plans in mind for him. He tasks Nocta with hunting down Dayk before he can bring his anomalous plans to fruition.

The timeline begins to spiral in on itself as the hunt continues across millions of years. Will they be able to save their own future, or will they doom themselves to oblivion? Only time will tell.

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