Expendables 3

Millenium Films / World Wide FX
  • Client: Millenium Films / World Wide FX
  • Project: The Expendables 3
  • Year: 2014
  • Software Used: Maya Nuke
This is a series of scenes that I worked on for Lionsgate and Millennium's "The Expendables 3". I was working for Millennium's subsidiary, World Wide FX. Due to the short nature of each clip I'm including the surrounding scenes as a buffer so there's not any 15 frame clips floating around. They're no fun to watch that way anyhow. Scene 1 - Rock Climbing I did the 3D Stone breaking free from the rock as the climber jumps onto it. Scene 2 - Bar fight. I did some of the finishing chroma key work on several of the close up shots of the woman in the red dress. Scene 3 - Driving I worked on most of these clips creating mattes and chroma keys and building the finished composites on Stallone and Grammer. Scene 4 - Bridge After 4 other artists could not handle it, I tracked, roto'd and comped was was termed one of the hardest shots in the show. It is only about half a second long. The first of two shots I did on this is about half way through. It was originally shot hand-held, from a helicopter flying through smoke, with a snap-zoom and literally nothing to track to. I had to hand animate the camera to match the plate. Then I had to fix and re-render the 3D Bridge that was originally created for this plate. The lighting and texture work were all wrong and needed to be fixed. Finally I comped the shot for final. The other shot I did in this sequence was one of the final shots in the scene. It's a wide shot of the helicopter flying over the final destruction on the bridge. Again, I ended up doing most of the 3D work on this. I had to track the shot, create elements and composite the scene together. The background was created using Nuke's 3D. I created a 3D matte painting based on topographic information that was provided. I also had to animate digital doubles for Stallone and Gibson on the bridge.