Adam Benson
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Masters FX

The Belko Experiment

CG Supervisor

Worked as the CG Sequence Supervisor. Created Nuke Pipeline tools for artists to properly log and render shots. Tools included templated scene builds, where an artists logs a shot number into Nuke and the basic comp is assembled with proper footage, write nodes and in and out points. Created a slate builder that renders proper slates, with artists names and running times, version numbers, et cetera. Supervised a team of 12 artists, both Maya artists and Nuke artists. Created a large number of complex CG integration shots, including match-move wounds, exterior environment shots, scene extensions, and practical effects integration. Composited CG shots, and chroma-key plate shots. Scripted production tools for assembling large quantity "monitor" shots from an EDL. Assisted with Shotgun pipeline and work assignments.

2015-08-17 to 2016-01-29

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Pipeline Developer

Pipeline Developer

Created a pipeline system for Nuke projects that allowed for instant setup of shots, including read and write nodes, as well as for organizing shots and assets. Wrote some additional tools for Shotgun. Wrote a utility for creating multi-sequence "security monitor" shots. The utility would take a database of shot numbers and start times and build a security monitor grid with hundreds of little monitors in just a few seconds. Saved months of manual compositing.

2015-08-17 to 2016-01-29

Prologue Films


Cloth Sim Artist

Created a cloth simulation utility for quickly moving cloth simulations from one piece of geometry to the next, allowing for one simulation setup to be ported across many different geometries

2015-07-15 to 2015-07-31


Cloth TD

Worked as a cloth TD on the Video Game "Destiny". All work was done in Maya using nCloth simulations on a tight deadline.

2015-07-15 to 2015-07-31

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Syndrome Studios

Ultimate Animals

Project Lead / TD

Created many quadruped rigs for animal animations. Developed several pipeline tools using Python. Created textures for many animals. Used Shave and a Haircut to create animal Fur. Setup lighting for various scenes. Created particle systems for swarms and fluid effects. Did a number of animal character animations, and managed the animation pipeline. Setup and managed final renders.

2014-11-03 to 2015-03-27

Fall Out Boy - "Centuries"

Sr. Generalist / Crowd Sim TD

Worked primarily in crowd simulations using Golaem and Maya. Created and rigged Roman characters for crowd sims. Did lighting, texturing and rigging on Roman Colosseum. Handled most of the camera tracking using SynthEyes. Populated the Colosseum with crowds and setup shots for final rendering.

2014-08-04 to 2014-10-24

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Pause Festival Title Animation

Maya Generalist, Match-Mover

Match-moved plates, Created and Animated various shots and elements for integration into the plates.

2014-01-03 to 2014-01-21

People's Choice Awards Stage Graphics

Maya Generalist

Modeled, Textured, rigged and animated several various Stage Graphics for the 2014 People's Choice Awards

2013-10-18 to 2014-01-03

Disney XD Commercial Bumpers

Maya Generalist

Created graphic elements for commercial bumpers

2013-12-16 to 2013-12-20

EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Title Animation

Maya Generalist

Created a series of dynamic effects, including CG fireworks, Fluid Effects, Streamers, Butterfly swarms and Confetti. Also built several animation rigs and did some lighting and texturing.

2013-11-04 to 2013-12-06

Various Projects

Maya Generalist

History Channel graphics, Katy Perry Stage Graphics, People's Choice Award Graphics, Electric Daisy Carnival graphics. Work is usually between one day and three weeks at a time on various projects. Some projects I only work as an animator, others I cover the gamut of needs for the effects desired.

2012-09-14 to 2013-11-14

Katy Perry Stage Graphics

Maya Animator

Created and animated stage graphics for display at a live event. Used some mathematical formulas in a MEL script to animate many of the parts.

2013-05-20 to 2013-05-22

The Bible - Title Graphics

Z-Brush, Maya Artist

Created graphic elements for promotional content.

2013-02-15 to 2013-02-16

Millenium Films / World Wide FX

The Expendables 3

Sr. Nuke Compositor

Took several shots from start to finish on the compositing. This also included lighting, rendering and texture work on a 3D bridge. Animation on CG body doubles for Stallone and Gibson, as well as lighting and rendering on the characters. It included creating 3D matte paintings for the finished composite, as well as all the final compositing elements for the bridge sequence shots. I also did several blue screen keys and composites on a number of shots in a driving sequence and a bar fight sequence. Most of the work was done in Nuke, but some of it was also done in Maya and photoshop. One of the shots was deemed the hardest shot in the show, and was called untrackable. I had to hand match-move the camera for a zoom lens changing focus, hand held from a helicopter passing through smoke. It was a challenge.

2014-05-31 to 2014-06-20

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Greenhaus GFX


Maya Generalist - Nuke Compositor

Created a number of things on this project. Primarily working on titles for the 2015 Disney film, "Cinderella". Created glass slipper models and textures for promotional pieces. Created glass Disney Castle concepts and animations. Created Disney logo flyover with Nuke projection mapping. Created main title dynamic effects. And did a ton of texturing and lighting work on the Disney logo and Cinderella main title logo. Created several pipeline tools for production, including both MEL and Python tool-sets.

2014-01-31 to 2014-05-08

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Maya Generalist

Helped make international titles for the Marvel film, "Guardians of the Galaxy".

2014-02-07 to 2014-03-27

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Jurassic World Teaser

Maya Generalist

Created a series of camera moves, forest and dinosaur print models, as well as overall logo modeling. Also worked on forest and logo textures, lighting, animation and rendering. Created some elements with Maya and other elements with zBrush.

2014-02-24 to 2014-03-19


Maya Generalist

Did basic support work for the main team. Created some 3D Projection elements, and helped to model and layout some international trailer pieces

2014-02-11 to 2014-03-05

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The Purge: Anarcy


Composited greenscreen plates to background elements for The Purge 2.

2014-01-22 to 2014-01-29

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